On this occasion, I'm going to ask you for some help, to travel to one of the most commercially active and dangerous borders in the world.
For those of us who are surviving in Venezuela, it has become extremely difficult for us to buy food, everything increases in price every week, and many know the problem of medicines where fortunately the International Red Cross and the UN coordinated the entry of several tons of medicine.
But the problem of water and electricity have changed our lifestyle, having to pay in many bolivares and sometimes in dollars, water storage services and having to survive with power cuts, which by the way ends with the appliances of our homes...
With a group of friends who have a sick family in Venezuela, we have decided to grow our lives in search of food and medicine for our families, we go to the border specifically to the city of Cucuta where from experience of other Venezuelans can bring very low cost large amount of food, to survive at least 1 month and a half.
Many portals show the reality of how thousands of Venezuelans go at least once a month to buy food in the city of Cucuta to bring their families.
The only thing I need from everyone who sees my articles on Yours.org is to collect $ 50 to buy medicine and food for 4 people for 1 month and a half. with that I can cover travel expenses that lasts approximately 3 days between round trip

I give many thanks to those who wish to help, the illness situation of my family, along with the problems of water and electricity destroyed the stability that until 2 months ago I had.

Thanks to all who help, I will show photos of the trip



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