Good day community!
I am of the people who think that we should enjoy everything that comes to us, both the bad and the good, every opportunity that this life gives us, we should appreciate it and welcome it in our being as unique, just as we should take care of a plant and water it every day to give us fruits, I like to think that this life is not the only one but we should use it for the benefit of others, we should use it in a good way so that when we reincarnate we do it positively, learn to live in This life is very difficult because of all the evil that exists but it is an effort that we must do to be happy, I am a supporter and always do good but telling the truth is very painful, the only way to lie is if that person is going to hurt with the truth, we must have faith in what we do and we are going to do that is the only way to overcome fear and I have been very afraid, this is my time to leave !, hope must be the last that is lost, giving thanks for the life that we touch is the best way to tell the universe here I am! I am unique and I love myself, sometimes I feel that I am the ambassador of empathy since I can feel the pain, the sadness and the happiness and happiness of what surrounds me, of people and animals I would say that it is a super power and as it did I would like to go out and seek the cure of human suffering.
Love is a very beautiful feeling that few have had the privilege of feeling, but how can we love others if we do not love ourselves first? Many people believe that looking in the mirror is an act of ego I think is the best way to know and accept us, scientific studies show that talking and smiling in the mirror lifts our spirits and even fights depressions I think that after knowing ourselves perfectly we are ready to meet others
The right thing is that you think is right not what others say, you should do what you like as long as you do not harm others, if you feel sad help others, it is normal to talk to yourself, be unique, always positive, tell the truth even if it hurts, do not have filters, if you have something bad to say better, do not say anything! These are the rules that I have learned over time, it is very good to put them into practice as they serve in all aspects throughout our life! loves animals, old people and children!