There are always moments that splash the heart of smiles but none like this ... Knowing that there are people so collaborative that not only think about yourself but also in others, in that being that does not have the ways that we could have others to acquire things
The situation of our country Venezuela is critical, at least in my city Cumaná, we live too critical moments, in the hospital there are no medicines, there are no supplies, ambulances less, medicines are not found and when you find the clouds, but regardless of the political parties, we want to help, to contribute that bit of sand that is so needed, bringing a little joy of smiles among so much despair.
There is nothing more beautiful than serving and opening our hearts to live new experiences, as I said before taking him and transmitting joys to that little person who is in a situation of extreme poverty, in a very critical situation, offering a little help , achieving a little improvement in health and quality of life.
In this opportunity, we were able to gather a quantity of medical supplies, vitamins, antibiotics, some cremes, diapers, probes, among others, for the grandparents.
We were able to achieve this thanks to all those people who in one way or another learned about our work through the different means of communication we use and who voluntarily decided to collaborate to make this possible.
Volunteers are needed to change the world. Happiness depends on ourselves.
We invite you to be part of this story ... the idea is that together we can build a better world.


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