WhatsApp for iOS and Android has functions to see the description of the groups, administrators have more power and you can see your mentions if you were absent.
The WhatsApp app for iOS and Android has new features to make life easier for members and administrators of group chats.
Users of the messaging app can take advantage of four new functions focused on the groups in WhatsApp: group description, administrator controls, catch up and search for participants.
The first novelty, the description of groups, will include brief information of the group and will serve to place there the purpose of the group, the guidelines of the group and the themes. This information will be visible to the new members of the group. The group information section also includes a section to find members by name.
The second novelty for all users and members of groups is that with this update, when they are absent for a long time, they can open the group chat and see the at sign (@) to know how many times and when they were mentioned; By touching the symbol, users can go directly to the part of the text in which it is mentioned, without having to navigate between the sea of ​​messages.
Regarding the powers of the administrators, WhatsApp allows administrators to restrict who can change the information of the groups. Administrators can also remove the permissions of other administrators; In addition, the person who created the group can no longer be removed from the group.
All these functions are already available in the latest version of the app, for both iOS and Android. The announcement comes just a few days after Facebook, the WhatsApp's parent company, celebrated the F8 developer event to delineate the future of WhatsApp and the rest of the services of Mark Zuckerberg's company.