For no one is it a secret that every day thousands of Venezuelans leave the borders in search of a better future, due to the political, social and economic crisis in which Venezuela is.
However, although there are many reasons to leave, Venezuela also offers many reasons to stay. 
Here is a list of 6 reasons to stay in Venezuela: 
1.- Our people: The human warmth in Venezuela is certainly of another level. Many people who have emigrated say that what they most miss is how warm, joking, caring, generous, helpful, receptive and spontaneous Venezuelans can be.
2.- The weather:  God makes everything perfect, but with Venezuela he showed off. This country offers eight types of climate, that is, there is something for everyone.
3.- Our landscapes:  This point does not need to be explained. Venezuelans know that Venezuela is a paradise with the name of a woman. Its beaches, rivers, mountains and nature reserves are a great blessing.
4.- The family:  How many Venezuelans have not left their country leaving their relatives? Not the whole family leaves. Many members remain in the country, clinging to their customs, their memories, the home they managed to form with struggle and effort and the heritage they worked so hard for.
5 .- Of course there are opportunities: While it is a cliché, it is still true that in times of crisis also opportunities and platforms are generated to change, renew and reinvent themselves to move forward. In Venezuela there is still much to be done. Not in vain they say that in times of crisis some cry and others sell handkerchiefs.
6.- Someone has to rebuild the country: There are Venezuelans who remain in their homeland convinced that this tragedy will happen and will be remembered as a black chapter in our history. These same Venezuelans are those who feel called to rebuild the country and reinvent it. They are the ones who will assume the challenge of refounding Venezuela so that their relatives return. Someone has to take care of the house, fix it, put everything in order and even set the table to receive those who have left. Or not?


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