Today January 10, 2019, a historic moment that will be sown in the memory of those who love the Fatherland
From the Legislative Council, we are resolved to abide by the order that the People of Bolívar and the Grand Marshal of Ayacucho have arranged, and it is not another order that Sustain the Socialist Democracy that we have reached together in the midst of difficulties, for the Supreme Social happiness that we will leave as an inheritance for our children and our parents.

We are never going to bow down to any foreign power, even less with a desire to dominate the sacred land and hero of Latin America, make no mistake who today want to sully our most sublime desires to be free and independent; Every day is in us (as) in force the legitimate and Eternal Legacy of the Eternal Commander Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías *, of NOT giving in to IMPERIALISM under any circumstance.

That is why we affirm with strength from the Legislative Council of the state of Sucre and our communities; that they have Constitutional President Nicolás Maduro Moros, with the men and women hardened (as) of liberating lineage, that we will never leave him alone in the arduous task of maintaining what has cost us so much after 200 years THE INDEPENDENCE, we swear before you !!! for the heroes and heroines who have fallen in the failed attempts of the far right, we will render Honor and Glory for the Courage that attended each of them (as) and we will raise their names with our inspired desires of Peace and Justice.

We will continue to win against IMPERIALISM.


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