Hello my dear friends that are well, for this day from my apartment I present a small cultivation of aji that are in the process of growth, and I wanted to share these photos with you
The Capsicum annum or known in different regions of the world as pepper, chilli, morron or aji. It is a small type of green pepper that turns orange and then red when it spends a lot of time on the tree. The aji has the shape and size of the habanero pepper but without its characteristic spicy flavor. This type of pepper with a sweet and marked flavor is used to add flavor to all types of stews, especially the well-known sofritos. The majority of sweet pepper is imported from Latin America where it is an essential seasoning to add to meals, especially in Venezuela, where it is part of their culinary identity. Its cultivation is very common in the eastern part of Venezuela and it is very difficult to find outside of Latin America. In addition to being delicious and providing a special flavor to meals, sweet pepper also provides countless health benefits as it contains large amounts of vitamins A and C in addition to magnesium and potassium
Original photos by Andres Palacios (andres14p)



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