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For every romantic experience in life, there’s a song and dance that mirrors it. Welcome to the wonderful world of partner dancing, where couples artistically mirror the many experiences of romance.
Are you just looking to get to know new people? Perhaps you love to flirt? Are you in a casual or committed relationship? Do you love sexual tension? Perhaps you’ve found your soul mate?
Wherever you’re at in life, What Dance Are You? will help you identify the partner dances to suit you.
What Dance Are You? presents short introductory descriptions of the world’s most popular partner dances, which are divided into categories based upon their romantic essence.
Partner dancing is an activity that can enrich your life (physically, emotionally, mentally and romantically).
Discover for yourself… What Dance Are You?
A note from the author
The Enthusiasm of a Great First Date
Lindy Hop, East Coast Swing, Jive, Country Swing
'Let’s Get to Know Each Other'
Merengue, Polka, Country Two-Step
Could Flirtation Be Anymore Fun?
Samba, Mambo, Cha Cha Cha, Salsa, Hustle, West Coast Swing
Sexual Tension at its Finest
Blues, Bachata, Kizomba, Rumba
The Intoxicating Experience of Soul Mates
Zouk, Bolero
Loyalty, Faithfulness and Companionship
Waltz Viennese Waltz, Foxtrot, Quickstep
Emotional Angst in Romance
An Intimate Candlelit Dinner
Argentine Tango
Romantic Conflict and Resolution
Paso Doble
- What's the difference between a ballroom dance and a social dance?
- Categorized List of Dances
A note from the author:
What Dance Are You? is a companion book to :
Romance is a Dance ~ Romance, Relationships, Attraction and the Connection to Ballroom and Social Partner Dancing
Romance is a Dance shows how the nature of communication in romance is identical to the nature of communication in partnered dancing.
This means you will be able to understand the social dynamics of your romantic relationships by understanding the physical dynamics of partnered dancing, and vice versa. Naturally, this book stimulates many thought-provoking self-realizations and many interesting conversations to share afterwards.
Romance is a Dance offers a mirrored reading experience. Each topic in the book has a left page (romance) and a corresponding right page (dance) where the text on both pages are mirrored word by word, except for the keywords. You could call this a "mirrored book," perhaps the first of its kind.
Enjoy What Dance Are You? and do check out Romance is a Dance too!
Both books will make for great conversation pieces to share with your friends and loved ones.
Sincerely, Kris Stinson.
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The Enthusiasm of a Great First Date
Lindy Hop dancing brings together lightheartedness, wit and spontaneity, three elements that greatly contribute to an exciting first date.
Incubated in the Roaring Twenties prosperity, prohibition of alcohol and the Harlem Renaissance of New York City, African Americans created Big Band Swing music and Lindy Hop dancing. Personifying happiness, Swing and Lindy Hop carried America's optimism through the Great Depression and became a force for racial integration.
Perhaps prophetically named by "Shorty George" (an originator of Lindy Hop) after Charles Lindberg's infamous flight over the Atlantic, Lindy Hop dancers went on to create awe-inspiring aerial maneuvers at incredible speeds.
While many think that the aerial maneuvers are the signature of Lindy Hop, what truly defines the dance is its frequent use of tension and release, symbolic of flirtation. This dynamic is best seen in “The Swing Out.” While maintaining a single hand-to-hand connection, dancers stretch apart; leaders readying into a runner's stance, while followers twist their hips and feet to intensify the tension. Finally, they spring towards each other and briefly circle in a close embrace that carries enough momentum to swing them back out. This moving in and out of open and closed position is much like two people playfully testing their chemistry.
Although the Big Band era and the legendary Lindy Hoppers of the Savoy Ballroom of New York City have passed on, the infectious 1/8th note rhythmic accenting of Louis Armstrong and his collaboration with Fletcher Henderson, which gave birth to Swing music, continues to excite people to dance today. In the 1980s & 90s Lindy Hop experienced a rebirth and now millennial DJs are remixing the music as Electro-Swing, ushering in an enthusiastic new generation of dancers.
Although many think of Lindy Hop as a frenetic dance of young people, Swing music's range of tempos make it a dance for all ages. Even the legendary Lindy Hopper, Frankie Manning was able to dance it into his nineties. If you wish to learn Lindy Hop, a search online will reveal dance studios in your area that specialize in it. These same studios will likely be the ones organizing social dances on a regular basis too.
See videos of Lindy Hop:
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