Yours has been in stall for the last few months. As well, Ryan X. Charles hasn't been active.
So what happened?
In short, nothing.
"Our plan is to continue focusing on MoneyButton until August when we launch "for real" with a brand new design intended to appeal to a mainstream audience. The next steps for Yours will be to incorporate the MoneyButton into Yours and fix all of the outstanding issues.
Some users are frustrated that we haven't made faster progress on Yours. Let me explain our reasoning for focusing on the MoneyButton first.
The MoneyButton makes it far easier for anyone to build an app like Yours. Yours is a useful app in and of itself, and it can and will be much better over time, but the MoneyButton could be the micropayments UI layer of the internet, which could have a far larger amount of transaction volume than Yours itself. Consider if the MoneyButton were used inside Yours as well as thousands of other micropayments-based apps that weren't possible until now. That's a huge idea that's even bigger than Yours. Especially when you consider that nothing limits us to micropayments.
If we are able to hire all of the engineers we are hoping, we will be able to allocate some effort to fixing the most irritating bugs with Yours soon. Otherwise these things will have to wait until we finish the MoneyButton redesign in August."
It's toward the end of August, so within the next month, if you estimate for extra time, perhaps going into September, about then Ryan should be presenting The Money Button, making for a rigorous foundation for, as well as the rest of the web.


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