hello friends of yours.org I come to drown a little bit of moment I gave to write and to comment to them since lately I have noticed much that to descended the support or votes by many users of this community, there is a lot of good material which to support and to give some cents as supported and we are a bit selfish by not supporting the content. I want it to be clear that I do not speak it or I vent it because I do not feel that they support my publications or because I do not receive a high number of votes, because in fact I am very happy with the enormous amount of support I have received in our community yours.org.
I am not saying that everything that is published by the users is high quality material but if there are very good materials that deserve to be observed and supported with votes, let us help more among all the members of this community not only hope that they vote and be praised by our publications, we create a community of friends, family and acquaintances where we can support each other and grow together as a community.
It is always good to give to receive ❤


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Mariam, There is an imbalance of people who wish to earn BSV and those who are willing to spend BSV here. I would like to be more generous, but I am simply not earning as much as before (especially before the BCH-BSV split) and it does not make sense to spend more than I earn in a day. (Many charity posts are asking for hundreds of dollars!) It is not enough to just post content here and expect to earn money for being "part of the community". I take responsibility for driving traffic here (from Twitter, mainly) to spark interest in the content I post. Even this is slightly frustrating because if people can view content on Twitter for free, they are less likely to vote/tip on Yours. It's just human nature to avoid paying extra, if possible. Monetized social platforms are in their baby days and we need both creators and spenders. It is a small group still, people who know about BSV. Don't give up yet!
   1yr ago