Welcome to Coin Chili!

I created an third coin papper account - Coin Chili. (Find the other two yourself, you lazy people!)
My idea is to make it something like TheOnion - a news outlet that produces 100% fictional stories.

The Aim Is To:

  • make people laugh
  • take ideas that we know are false and stretch them to the extreme, so that it becomes obvious how false they are.
  • make fun of famous people for the stupid shit they say (by using changed names of course -> Mr Vatalik Beterin can be "Vit Alik" or just "Talik")

Example Articles:

  • An interview with person who started 5 ICOs and who explains in detail why his not-a-company partnership of 2 people (him and his brother) is truly decentralized
  • A story told by a witness who saw the famous inventor Talik Terin use excess amounts of steroids, while lifting the 2 kg. weights at the gym. When asked, Mr Talik denied this, but said that appearance does matter in business and non-skeleton people usually attract more investors.
  • An interview with a UASF grassroots bitcoin maximalist, who ran 243 raspberry pi nodes in his basement. He will talk about decentralization and governance.
  • An interview with a crypto trader who explains how his zero-sum trading on exchanges will change the world for the better by giving him the money of the noobs. He will explain how he is doing a favor to these noobs.

Basically, CoinChili will take the absurd ideas in crypto for a spin. The articles will be written as if the author himself believes it, but in a way that no reader would ever believe it. The silly ideas will be exaggerated and taken to their absurd conclusions.

CoinChilli will teach by showing where the bad roads lead - not by explaining what is right.



I am a programmer, not a writer.
I need people with some free time and a good sense of humor, who can write for CoinChili.
I can not offer you payment (as I will not earn anything from this either) but if your articles generate any tips - you can have them.
If you want to join, write a comment here, or send me an email at bitcoinchili@gmail.com
Thank you!


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It is funny how I can tip myself here. Kinda breaks the system, doesn't it?
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So you can give yourself money? That's great.
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So this is just a dig at Coinspice right?
Quite embarrassing.
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