Those who have only read about music festivals, it can be an escape dream for them but for those who have actually attended music festivals many numbers of times, they know that music festival can turn nice places into wastelands. No matter how many dustbins are kept, the trash is always left on the ground, no matter how many nice people you mingle with, there are always negative people around because when you get thousands of people together, things get out of hand and it becomes inevitable. This doesn’t imply that we cannot change. So below is the music festival etiquette which you should follow so that your music festival experience is a pleasantry one.

Do not litter

This should be a no brainer to everyone who is capable of making decisions. It is so not cool to leave your trash so that someone else can pick it up. It should be your own responsibility to not litter around & dispose off your garbage at a proper place

Saying ‘Excuse Me’ is a good way to move through the crowd

The lamest experiences which people have encountered while attending a music festival is when people had to push their way into the middle because they couldn’t appear on time. In order to be at a pro end of your etiquette behavior, you should just say ‘excuse me’ when you want to pass through or you should arrive early to see your favorite band and get a spot you want. Even if it gets super loud, you can do a friendly tap on the shoulder so that you can showcase your gesture to pass.

If you are tall, be aware of it

If you see people who are vertically challenged while watching a performance, try to find a place to stand which is not directly in front of them. This should be specially done when there is nowhere for them to go, without committing the same foul.
Apart from that one should be patient with queues & accept that you have to wait in lines, listen to the bands rather than having a life-changing conversation and if you want to have a conversation, find an area which is distant from the fans who actually want to listen to the music.
So next time if you are attending any music festival like a classical music festival in India, then keep in