For today’s VPN users, NordVPN is a popular option. This NordVPN is based in Panama. After checking and running this VPN through its paces, we can tell why it has received its fair share of praise from experts in the field. NordVPN is not only one of the few VPNs that are remaining who gave access to US Netflix via VPN but is very simple to use for the users all around the globe. This NordVPN is full of features that not only initials but also the experienced and experts fall in love with. This NordVPN review will tell you about the features it is loaded with and some of its major importance.
Nothing is perfect in this world so that this VPN too. But still, after doing all the checks of the boxes, we can tell that NordVPN is in the list of some of the best VPNs in the business. Bu why it is famous? Let us have a look at some of its main features
  • The NordVPN is based in Panama
  • It has over 3000 number of servers
  • The server countries are more than 58
  • It has VPN protocol of OpenVPN
  • NordVPN is with the AES-256-CBC encryption
  • P2P is also allowed
  • It gave Netflix access to its users
  • With annual billing, it has a cost of $5.75/month
Using NordVPN
This is a map of the world with a marker in each country where NordVPN servers are located. The map shows up when you first connect to NordVPN. With thousands of servers and nearly 60 different countries have access to this NordVPN. You can choose any country from around the world. NordVPN will automatically connect you; all you need to do is to click on the marker for a particular country.
If you find from the map a hassle, don’t worry. On the top left corner, there is an option of ‘List’. You can choose from that too. This list shows all the NordVPN’s location options in alphabetical order, and you can see it as you slide out from the right of the panel. You can also take the advantages of features like P2P, Double VPN, Onion over VPN, dedicated IP servers, and Anti-DDoS with the NordVPN service.
A Connection Wizard is also available in NordVPN to make things easier. As most people don’t care about the server location at all and in case if you are one of them and only required a solid VPN performance for you, NordVPN will serve you the best. You will be connected to the server nearest you as you click the “Connection Wizard” button.
The great control over your servers
One more amazing thing is if you want the greater control over your servers and to really dig deep into NordVPN, and you can also do that. With NordVPN, it is not that difficult. All you need to do is to click the “Servers” tab on the top menu. You do that, and there will be a list which will be similar to the previous ones. Now it won’t show you the marker on the countries; instead, there will be the hamburger menu icon next to each country name.
Specific Useful Features of NordVPN
With NordVPN’s expansive network, you can choose any country that you want. Select the specific server and click on it. After clicking, you can see how far away it is as well as its current load. You can find all of the standard VPN features in the “Settings” menu if you are a power user. Kill switch is one very useful feature, and it will automatically terminate your connection. This can lead to the connection drop of your NordVPN.
Auto-connect option is also one of the neat features it has. As its name suggests, it automatically connects to a server when you want to go online. This feature is what makes it superior and eliminate the hassle of choosing a server and other options.


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