You love BitCoin, we get it. But how do you explain or convert new people to BitCoin in one short talk ? How do you make them interested rather than shove it down their throat ?
In the past we have seen people advocating for making them install a wallet and show them how fast it is by sending them some. But this is hardly exciting for people: a wallet is no more interesting than any other money app they already have on their phone, and all these apps already appear to send money just as fast, and often offer a much simpler user experience. The worst part is that once they have this bitcoin wallet the only thing they can do is hold & do nothing. That is very far from our goal in Bitcoin SV, we want people to USE BitCoin, so a new onboarding strategy is required.
In this article you will discover what I have found to be the most effective & fun strategy to onboard new people to BitCoin.

Pique their interest first

The AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) Model identifies cognitive stages an individual goes through during the buying process for a product or service.
I have had most success by using an App like Twetch and after seeing me using it, people will naturally ask "hey what's this app ?"
Or I would say something on purpose to pique their interest; for example "wow I already earned $40 in a few weeks on this app just posting the same stuff that I post on twitter" and then they would ask me "wow what's that show me?"
The same can be done with any BSV app that you love & it's much better than trying to sell them the benefits of Bitcoin, which may be difficult to grasp for a layperson. However grasping the benefits of a specific app that you personally love is easy for them. This also has the advantage of NOT having to talk about the forks, BTC, Craig Wright being Satoshi etc, because a layperson does not care AT ALL about any of this stuff UNTIL they have experienced that BitCoin can really improve their life.
"You can't convince anyone of anything. You can only give them the right information, so that they convince themselves." -- Eben Pagan

Adapt to your audience

It is also very important to adapt the app you choose to the person you are talking to for maximum efficiency:
  • If talking to a developer or IT person, introduce them using Terminus as they already know StackOverflow, for example: "wow I didn't expected to earn some money for using stackoverflow have you tried that ? well it's not actually stackoverflow but looks the same, take a look"
  • If you are introducing BitCoin to a less technical person, I suggest Twetch or Cityonchain, which look easy & fun.
  • If you are introducing BitCoin to a musician, then use audioB and show him he can make money uploading his music on it.
  • If you are introducing BitCoin to a youtuber, show them Streamanity.
  • If you are introducing it to a gambler, then use Peergame.
  • If he is an entrepreneur or freelancer, use Fivebucks

Guide them through the steps

Once their interest is piqued THEN it is easy to make them go through the steps of creating a wallet (moneybutton seems best for apps at this time), send them a few BSV and get them started on the app. All of this requires some investment of time & effort on their part so it is important to raise their interest first.
If you are looking for the app that will best fit the person you are expecting to introduce to BitCoin, take a look at this onchain community-curated list of BSV apps:
You can also share this link with them to allow them to discover other apps afterwards.


  1. Introduce them to BSV through an app, pique their interest
  2. Tailor the app you choose to the person!
  3. Once they are interested, make them create a wallet
  4. Send them a few BSV so they can experience it & start
  5. Onboard them to the app
  6. Use to find the best app for them & share the link with them afterwards so they can find other apps later

Thank you for reading!
Leave a comment to tell me if you have had success with this strategy or what has been your experience with introducing people to BitCoin ?

PS: this article was originally written as an answer to someone's question on Terminus, the Metanet/BSV based Q&A community inspired by Stack Overflow and using moneybutton. It can be found at


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What is Terminus? Where can I find this? Thank you
   1yr ago
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Here is a direct link to Terminus where I answered the question "what is terminus" :
In the future you can find all the apps at so bookmark it!
   1yr ago
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I like the ideas you outlined. But this will take a while. Many apps are brand new or in beta and not really ready for mainstream (early or late majority) users. Wallets are still not 100% sorted. Better to underpromise and overdeliver. I will readily onboard friends and family a little bit later when things are not constantly breaking, although I have not lost any funds, unlike LN users!
   1yr ago
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Nice article.
Agree that starting with wallet is no longer interesting. People will ask "so, how do I get some BitCoin then? And how can I convert bitcoins into fiat?"
   1yr ago