So I know I've been gone for a bit over the holidays, but you know family and stuff gets in the way of making cartoons. It's weird how that happens.
But hey! I'm back! And I have a new comics for you.
I actually had this exact interaction happen to me. I was so sick of people from the holidays and work that I just wanted to lay down and never talk to another person, but then I was invited to a new year's party. When I was asked it sounded like an amazing idea, totally forgetting how much I hate parties and people, I said yes.
I don't want to go to this party and I'm probably not going to go, but I also don't want to let my friend down. I also want to be there to watch the drunk dummies do stupid things. Maybe it will give me inspiration for more comics.
My perfect new year's would be in my pajamas till exactly 11:56 then party for 4 min, then go to bed. I want to see my friends and family but I also want to lay around and draw and eat candy.
Some people say as you get older childhood dreams start to die, but for me I still believe that someday I will grow up and get to watch TV all night and never have to wear anything other then pajamas.

By the way, I tried making this comic in a different program, didn't work out well.
Paid content is something wonderful and you will maybe enjoy. I hope you do at least.



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I know this feeling :)
   2yr ago
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Me too!
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