Few days ago, me and Anika had a drawing time. I was suppose (and she too) to draw a girl (Anikas current passion, as those who see her pictures must have noticed). Well, what girl can I draw? So I did the above, implemented my likes and musts into the pic.

When I finished, and was checking my creation, I thought for myself, hmm...I draw myself really sexy, the dress, ties, high shoes, short hear.....
in the very same moment, Anika says: "oh, cute! That is you, when you are a grandmother?"

Well, I just burst in laughter, and could not stop for good few min. I do not know, if this can be funny for someone else, but still....why not try the funny category???

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I missed this. It is very funny, your story.
The fishnet stockings and mini-dress, perfect for a funky grandmother, of course!!
(I might dye my hair purple when I'm 80. And wear a bitcoin mini-dress too.)
   2yr ago