Hello. It's me again! As I said in my first article to Yours.org, I'm a PhD investor in cryptocurrencies and consider myself educated on technical analysis.
Currently, cryptocurrencies are taking a "little break" and we're seeing a crypto bloodbath phenomenon, where almost all cryptocurrencies are experiencing dips while just a few are shining out of the cracks.
This gives many hesitant buyers a perfect opportunity to make decisions and buy coins. Buy while you can!
I've done some analysis, and here are the top coins to buy in the bloodbath!

#1: Vechain (VEN)

My first pick to buy right now would be VeChain. I'm seeing ground-breaking opportunities here, with a potential profit margin of over 200%!
Looking at the chart above, we see that the price margins closely match Fibonacci Wave patterns. An upcoming bull run is to be expected.
Given the current wave ratios, I'm predicting a bull run pushing the coin super far, from 200% to 400% of possible gains! You may think this is a crazy estimate, but these Fibonacci waves have proven themselves time and time again.
An ATH (all-time high) is coming soon for the VEN cryptocurrency, with a bull run on its way. Don't be sorry you didn't buy!
Don't miss out on the rest of the article! A 30x+ profits coin is waiting :) I guarantee you that the profits you'll make will outweigh the cost.


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Why did you change the article? I have the origional saved. The "free pick" was SALT. Stop lying to people.
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