What You Do when Mind Stop Working Totally?
Life is full of questions while you are working or not. While you are stressed or happy, when you are alone or with someone you know it does not leaves us free perhaps it try to keep us busy or maintains our mind balance it depends on us how we recognize it.
There are two ways we apply when we stuck in difficult decision by heart or by mind I heard many time that we should always listen to our heart always because it always says right I don’t think so yes heart is pure and mind considered sometime dirty because it brings selfish ideas somewhere but heart connects with emotions and feelings may be that is only the reason that we always listen to our heart. In case of mind we can’t considered it wrong always because it play a vital role to think in a right way for your life.
So here the question is but you do when you are totally thoughtless or due to some conflicts you are not able to think it happens to all but did you asked ever from yourself that why it happens that still in silent mood why there are so many questions even mind stopped to work. I am asking this because it happens to me whenever I lost my mind totally but I only did today by writing on my yours.org a great platform which I found in my life.
I will share that what I do in these kinds of situations
Some time anger brings me at that level after reaching there I feel completely blank I don’t know what to do try to think what happen already forgotten I know it is funny but this is true.
I also try to ask but till then feel relaxed and never think again to repeat that. My mind itself support me to balance my body system and I don’t over react I feel free and choose something interesting to do once for distracting my mind.
Well this is another thing that what I do I ask you friends what you do. I always accompanied those who shared with me and want my support I am a good friend my friends always appreciated me for my friendship. I always keep my friendship first in all relations because it always gave me encouragement and try to move at next level not only because of that but I feel comfortable with that.
On yours.org I am just explaining it hope you will appreciate my post.
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Keep your dream safe it will bring you to express once in life.