You need to see things like this, I mentioned few times already that Nazi Germany was literally funded by US & UK bankers, this is a fact. Germany after WWI was completely broke, US & UK bankers and other very rich capitalists didn't get their wish to destroy rise of Communism in Soviet Union (remember that Soviets were attacked in WWI) which is why again in WWII capitalist west created National Socialism (which is Fascism and not same as Socialism), in order to go and attack rise of Communism... again... which resulted in 60 million deaths, plus 2x more wounded, and god knows how many more displaces, mentally destroyed... millions of people.
Soviets were the ones that defended from Fascism, US funded Fascism... they are doing it again today (in Brazil, Colombia, Israel, Saudi Arabia and few other places)... the US capitalists are the ones profiting from all these wars.
Concentration camps were SLAVE LABOR camps... not Holocaust camps. Holocaust is propaganda, and massive exaggeration of truth. First number of dead Jews in WWII was 6 million, then reduced to 3 million, only few days ago I heard on TV news, trying to remind us now Jews were the target of Nazis in WWII, they said 1,x something millions.
Yes, Jews were rounded up into these camps, but the camps were not built for extermination of Jews, they were built so that Capitalists can profit from slave labor, which US capitalists did the most.
Capitalists like Trump talk bad about immigrants, yet they employ them because they know they will work for less money... which shows you more massive HYPOCRISY of these people, like Trump... and rest of his Capitalist buddies.
Here is real history, which Americans don't even know about.... this is REAL HISTORY
Soviets liberated Europe from Fascists, yet Soviets are called enemy right after WWII ended. WHY? For the very same reason they were attacked by Fascists... CAPITALISM doesn't want workers getting rid of capitalism, that is what all these war are about... its all workers vs rich capitalists and monarchs... the rich arming and funding thugs to go suppress rise of the working class.
Venezuela... same repeat of it... Socialist country, people who massively love and support their leader, who don't want to allow American and British multi national oil capitalists, to take control of their oil... they fund and create fake revolution, in order to install pro-capitalist puppets, this Guado fucker, is declared by Trump as legit interim president of Venezuela, yet this fucker didn't get a single vote during elections. Trump fucker like to talk about America being for democracy... while doing the very opposite... installing dictators who are pro-Capitalist agenda, to exploit people in Venezuela, what US has been doing or trying to do (some have failed) in all Central and South American countries.
Don't ever argue with me claiming that Socialism is bad or evil, saying this exposes you as EXTREMELY IGNORANT because if you still think like that, you are IGNORING all the facts I am presenting to you. You have to stop doing that... world will not change for the better until EVERYONE knows real ugly truth of what US is and was all this time... ignoring it won't make it go away or make it better. FACING IT AND CHANGING YOUR PERCEPTION, UNDOING THE BRAINWASHING, is what can do it... nothing else will.
And lastly... Capitalism is not competition, all it is is private ownership of means of production. That is all that defines Capitalism. There is no rule in Capitalism that say or forces (meaning it is a RULE of Capitalism) any business owner to have to compete, its up to each and every business owner to do what they want. This is the second and last rule of Capitalism... its a rule that the owner makes all decisions.
In today's live stream on Bitcoin and Beyond, I was asked if Capitalist can also be a Socialist. Of course it can. Why can't it? Reason person that asked me this thinks that it can't is because they don't know what each term really means.
Socialism is not an economic system
Capitalism is an economic system
Socialism is a counter (political) force to keep one sidednes, which is negatively effecting the society and vast majority of people, of Capitalism.
Capitalism on its own, without any regulation, will ALWAYS produce bad OUTCOME... such as FASCISM, because there are no rules in Capitalism that can prevent an evil person, who becomes a Capitalist, to use his profits, which he got from work of others, to go and start colluding with government, police, military, other capitalists... there are no such rules or preventative mechanisms in Capitalist system to prevent this OUTCOME, which means it is guaranteed to happen... and it happened already many times, and its happening again right now.
Fascism is not Capitalism, Mercantilism is not Capitalism... but they are both PRODUCTS OF CAPITALISM.
You can have 3 things with Capitalism
  1. Capitalism which has the state have no regulations (called Free Market Capitalism)
  2. Capitalism which has the state using regulations to protect the people and workers by taxing the rich more, by not allowing privatisation of central banks, by regulating banks, by not allowing privatisation of natural resources, educational system and health system and most basic yet important infrastructure (this is what is called actual SOCIALISM). Preventing privatisation of these things ensures that no individual can create Capitalist Oligarchy... the way FED is one, OIL, STEAL, WEAPONS, PHARMA industry, and few others have become.
  3. Capitalism which has the state corrupted and bribed out by the Capitalist, which now has the state making laws to protect the Capitalists and not the people (this is Mercantilism)

US and UK and France and few others (US to greater extent, other to lesser... its not an on/off thing, its gradual SCALE of such corruption ) have the 3rd type... why the US state always protected the Capitalists, why they never jailed anyone that funded Nazis in WWII, why they never jailed anyone that traded with Nazis in WWII, why no one ever goes to jail for 911, Vietnam war, Korea, Cuba, and shit load of other coup attempts and those successful ones, why, their MSM are going along also, as those capitalists OWN all MSM, all movies and music industry which is also used to brainwashed people, to change their perception of what is cool, what is acceptable, why there are shows all over the place promoting and show casting gays, transvestites, people with shit load of tattoos, sexism, violence, drugs, alcohol... feminism, basically everything that is destroying the very SOCIAL fabric of society, which US has none of already.
There are people who literally say, they feel sorry for other countries having Socialism... I mean, they are bloody mental. They are literally saying that people having proper health, education etc, is somehow bad for them? Are you people completely gone mental?
Clearly you have... you can't even see yourself that you are brainwashed also... heavily. You can see when others are brainwashed, for example those idiots that hang on BTC shitcoins, HOLD mentality etc... why can't you see your own?
So again, PoW is not a Capitalist system. Capitalism is just a system which says that means of production is privately owned, and that owner makes all decisions. If business has no other workers, that is not Capitalist business, if business has other workers then it is capitalist business. In Capitalism the owner makes all decisions, and if he wants to exploit more or less, how good or bad he wants to be to his workers, this is not regulated by the capitalist system, but is left to personal choice of the capitalist... each and every one. It means that each business with have different outcome, because each capitalist is a unique personality.
This also means that from 7 billion people and few tens or hundred of millions business owners, some will be complete psychopaths... it means their OUTCOMES will be extremely bad, they will chose to corrupt the state, they will chose to make the state do what they want, they will change the laws to suit them... they will chose to collude with other capitalists who are psychopaths also... and you will ALWAYS end up with fucked up OUTCOME which is going to be CREATION OF CAPITALIST ECONOMIC SYSTEM.
They will also chose to fund terrorists, to create excuses to make countries go into wars... are you really that slow not to be able to see what I telling you, or will you still cling onto your pre-perceived false definition of capitalism?
You cannot say that Crony Capitalism is not Capitalism... it is the very same shit... it became CRONY for the reasons I described above... weather you like it or not.
Bitcoin mining doesn't allow creation of Oligarchy, because it has RULES which capitalism doesn't have, which say that no miner can get rewards then what they worked for, proportionally. Capitalism has no such rule. This is actually rule of the COMMUNISM.
Communism is economic system where workers own means of production... and this is what miners are, they are WORKERS who have no masters which take profits from their work.
Everything being produced has to use human energy in form of labor. No labor, no products of any kind. So why do those who produce are never wealthy, and those who just own production are richest people, way richer then they need be?
Because such system is designed to work like that.
What is the difference between Feudalism and Capitalism? There isn't any, its just different place of work.
- In Feudalism land owner owns the land, workers work on it and land owner gets profits for not doing any work to produce anything
now just replace land with factory or business, and you have the exact same thing
- In Capitalism business owner owns the business, workers work in it and business owner gets profits for not doing any work to produce anything
They are both fundamentally designed to exploit the workers and to keep the workers as poor as possible, and making themselves richer, and the more crony the owner is, the worse the outcome becomes.. from both systems.
This is why capitalists and monarchs funded Nazis to go fight rise of Communism, and why they fund terrorism today to do the same, all for control of natural resources, for keeping power over others, financially, militarily, economically... and to keep everyone dumbed down, poorly educated, make you work your best years of your life, just to get by.
That shit needs to end.
Do you get it now?
I doubt it... but I'll keep reminding you of this until you get it.

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I grew up in comunism. It also did not work. Its just isms....we need to wake up. Shift consciousness. Change perception. And care...

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@mishapelt you didn't grow up in communism. You lived in a country that political power used the label of it but it was not it. Ask yourself this, were businesses owned by the workers, or was it the state? If later, its not Communism.
Also pay attention to things I am saying and who is always attacked and why, that should be enought to figure out why you think that "it didn't work out". Capitalists from US, UK, France, but mostly US always sabotaged, attacked and undermined countries that strived to go in that direction. The US is doing it right now to Venezuela.
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Noone denies, we're living in a fascist society. You here it from ancaps and even old conservatives, like Ron Paul. And everyone openly says, how rich bankers funded the germans and how presidents adored the rise of fascism and hitlers work before the war. This is nothing new for anyone in the libertarian sphere. You blame capitalism and free markets for this, we blame collectivist interventionism for it, also known as socialism. Fascism is merely a "middle road" inheriting some market residue, while adding full fledged interventionism. None of your points ever made are proven by any of these historical facts. At the very least, they can and will be used as examples in favour for our models, too. Also, since you often talk about the capitalist drive for wars. War-socialism was a thing, you know. So historically it was undoubtedly also open for injustice and destruction, regardless of the question, which system is to blame for the wars today. That would be a sincere take at least, but that's not at all, what you say.
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