When you finally convinced your friend to invest and he just lost everything
When you been hodling for 2 months and finally sell and the prices doubles 5 minute later.
When you hear the word crypto in the public
When there are 6+ confirmations but you don't see your funds
When your friends congratulate you for holding ETH but you sold when it was $200
How it feels to wake up every morning in 2018
When your transaction gets confirmed
And then he said "My mutual fund made 5% last year"
When you almost send crypto to the wrong address and your life flashes before your eyes
Waiting for bitcoin confirmation like...
When your friends make fun of crypto and you laugh of them but deep you still kinda scary
When you paid 10.000 BTC for a pizza in 2010
When you drive by work knowing quitting soon because you holding crypto
When ETH hasn't moved for 3 months so you sold it all for some shitcoin

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That is hilarious :)
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