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Basically, there will be no chain split, meaning there will not be 2 coins.
With BTC fork there was a split because BCH side of the fork added replay protection (so that you can't spend coins on both sides of the chain when you spend one), and there was no hash war (which is what is refereed to as Satoshi's Consensus).
This time disagreement will be decided not by a split but by Satoshi's Consensus and hashing power will decide, meaning whoever gets the most hashing power to use their client, will become the main chain for BCH and BCH will continue that way.
So far looks like Bitcoin SV is getting lot of hashing power online and right now have the majority, so sit back and watch the show on 15th... keep all your BCH in private wallet to which you have private keys and don't send them anywhere till the dust settles (no one know how long that will take, maybe it won't be a war at all and miners who are on ABC side will decide to go along with SV client and then it will be a no event at all, things will go smoothly)... so yeah... 4 more days left to see.
PS: I am worried also as to what will happen... so we're all in the same boat.
   6mo ago