The most complex problem in Venezuela. Who is behind the black dollar rises, without telling a lie every minute. What leads to having our money devalued, this has led the Venezuelan government to remove 6 zeros from the currency.
It is worth noting that on October 16, the Government of Nicolás Maduro eliminated the dollar from the Dicom auctions, due to the sanctions that the Donald Trump administration has issued to the government officials.
For months, the DolarToday page ceased to be a reference for people who want to buy and sell the US currency. Given this, they average where they add up the rates of all existing accounts and divide them into the same number.
Among the accounts used for the average stand out: AirTM, Casa de Cambio, True Dollar, MoviCambios, LudixPay, Venebloc, Quotes, Btc_Play and Dollar Pro Com (whose portal director was deprived of freedom).
I wrote this note in 2015. I think it is still valid despite some economic data that is so outdated, precisely because of the impact of the black dollar.

"What we are going to expose next is going to create problems for us, we can imagine the barrage of emails and messages that we will receive accusing us of anti-Bolivarians, stateless, mercantilists, neoliberals and stop counting, we will be condemned to the stake, but we have a fixed view in the great objective that is the construction of a fairer society called socialism and in function of it we act.
It is necessary, then, to understand that we need oxygen and regain strength or we will miss the enormous work that the Supreme Commander did.
We make the previous approach by way of introduction, because with concern we see that the national government considers as objectives of 2015 to end the black market of the dollar, increase national production, defeat inflation and end smuggling, hoarding and speculation.
With all due respect we expose that all that is not more than the repetition of a same objective. Goal by the way in which we have never managed to advance even one step.
Even a child knows that this is what Venezuela needs. The problem is the how. How the hell are we going to do to defeat an enemy that has us against the wall and does not stop throwing punches?
Talking about all these objectives is nothing but redundant. All of them are reduced to only one: Control an illegal exchange market that is shattering the economy of the country, impoverishing millions of Venezuelans and leading to a bottomless grave the revolution for which Chavez died.
Smuggling exists because there is a parallel dollar. Products purchased in bolivars are sold in pesos, they are converted into dollars and taken to the black market with a profit of up to 2000%.
The speculation is also a consequence of the existence of a parallel market of the dollar that imposes criminal prices for the people and appetizing for the stateless.
It monopolizes for smuggling and to increase prices based on the value of the dollar on the black market.
Inflation is among the highest in the world, because it is driven and fueled by the value of marketing products that go to the market at the cost of the black dollar.
Production does not grow because in the logic of a parasitic and rentier business the business today is not the production but the parallel market of the dollar.


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