Travellers love coming to Chandigarh, owing to its beauty, vibe and cultural significance. It’s one of the more modern cities to be hand-designed by Swiss architects and is closest to a Utopian ideal. Every building has a nature-oriented design, with emphasis being given to form and aesthetics. From a city-planning perspective, few areas come close to the city that we all love.
Chandigarh is also neatly segregated into commercial and housing zones, making it easier to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep. Even when you’re searching for a quality Chandigarh accommodation like The LaLiT Chandigarh, you can find it easily by tracking the main sectors. Everything is organized and that’s one of the biggest charms of the city. Chandigarh is the one city that every other city aspires to become someday.
The city is internationally acclaimed as having one of the most planned blueprints in the world. The city has been carefully designed to reflect modern aesthetics as well as include plenty of wide spaces for people to explore. The population density of Chandigarh is significantly smaller than other busy cities, however its nightlife and music-scene is on par with most. Restaurants in Chandigarh are filled with international travellers, local artists and musical talent from the North.
The city also has a higher than average spending on high-end brands, with luxury cars being preferred to others. The farming culture of nearby towns has made the city quite popular across all borders. It’s also a concentrated zone for many younger travellers to explore the peaceful life while travelling to mountainous cities nearby. The proximity of the city to the nearby hill-stations of Dharampur, Shimla and Kasauli make it a beautifully planned mid-point for all travellers.
Keeping in line with international expectations, the city has a dedicated zone for natural sightseeing. The Sukhna Lake is one of the most beautiful man-made lakes in the North, having many carnivals and food vendors around the pier. The walk from one end of the lake to another is one of the most relaxing ventures you’ve seen. Sukhana Jheel and other gorgeous landmarks make Chandigarh one of the most elegantly planned cities in India.
The city also pays homage to raw talent and nature. Rock garden and Rose garden are two incredible feats of human ingenuity, showing locals the power of creativity and beauty. The rock garden was made completely by the leadership and creativity of one-man Nek Chand, who recycled old parts to make some new. Rose garden was planned as a beautiful garden to be explored by awe-struck travellers visiting here. Both monuments serve as great inspirations to the locals that live here.


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