Universal Basic Income (UBI) is a proposed program that, as the name implies, would give every family enough money to cover their basic expenses. They'll have a roof over their heads even if it's a pretty chintzy apartment in the seedy side of town. They'll have food even if their diet consists of 1001 ways to make Ramen noodles interesting. They'll have utilities even if they have to find creative ways to keep their electric bill down. On the surface, this might sound like a good way to eliminate homelessness and hunger even if the people who have to live on UBI won't be able to afford anything fancy.
However, like most things in life and government programs, UBI has a couple of downsides. It will likely become yet another welfare and/or entitlement program like SNAP and Social Security that will either drive up taxes or add to the national debt. It will also open up the possibility of government officials setting conditions for receiving UBI that will become untenable for the people who need it the most. For these reasons, I've hesitated to support UBI as a government program.


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