Building a career in animation is challenging since you have limited vacancies and your elders think that you’re delusional. To kick-start a job in any field of work you need to have a degree for it. Once you have finished your bachelors or diploma, it’s time to explore your skills—in other words, start a job search.
Now when you are entering the professional phase of your life, you should be well aware of what you are good at and which skillset needs improvements. Among various skills and abilities that an animator has, creativity is the strongest and the most dominant of all. Sure, you might have a passion for sketching, drawing or painting but if creativity is missing, then you probably should start working on its development. When they say patience is a virtue, they are correct. For animators, it is necessary that they have enough patience and a keen-eye to pay attention to every tiny detail. Stated above were a few significant and must-have characteristics of animators but there are much more than those two, let’s have a glimpse at them:
• Excellent drawing skills.
• Having familiarity with computer tools and software.
• Presentations and communication skills.
• A capability of meeting deadlines
Simple, isn’t? That’s basically all that you need to start your career in animation. In today’s corporate world, numerous companies and studios work only on animations and cartoons. The scope of animation is not limited to drawing cartoons just. Nowadays various new fields have been introduced like visual studies, game development, graphic designing, illustration, web designing and many more. Still worried about your hiring? Then get yourself registered on freelancing websites. These websites usually have vacancies labeled as video animators for hire. Several survey and statistics have found that the employment rate of animators and designers is likely to develop at a pace more rapid than any average occupation. This increase in demand for animators, illustrators, and designers is because of the need for visual effects and animations in movies, televisions, and games. Statistics report that animators and multimedia artists are the highest paid professionals in California. These animations, illustrations and designing professionals and practitioners earn an average of about $76010.
So no matter what your elders call you, you are living in a world where a cartoon designer has more salary than any average occupation. So unleash your creative imagination and start doing what you are good at. Like every other profession who might have to face hardships and struggles in the start but in the long run, you will not remorse taking animation as your profession and a full-time job.


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