This is in relation to this: Yours: A Profitable Echo-Chamber? It's also with this in mind: "Tipping" v. "Liking"
Why do people spam?
Low effort, high return.
Now, people aren't necessarily fond of creating spam. It's simply profitable, and then they get to do what they want, and screw those who it annoys, as it gets the gullible (*raises hand...*) and they make money.
I'm reminded of the thoughts I've heard from various anarchists over the years, and I'm not sure if it's Kal Molinet, Patrick Smith, or whom I've heard it from:
The best security is not an armed guard force, but people wanting to help others; Not ensuring your tomato patch isn't damaged, but creating more tomatoes, and having others delighted by the growth of their tomatoes.
Namely, creating a cult (the most successful cults are what we call "culture"), a mindset, an atmosphere of helping others, such that that's what people are inclined to do -- that that's what the incentive structure encourages and makes basically inevitable. That that's what's rational to do.
I often hear people talking about "You have a CHOICE." Yes, we do, and the vital part of what I'm talking about is the creation of the opposite side of what we see on a daily basis: where the POSITIVE things of humanity isn't hard to do, isn't something you have to fight for, isn't a hard choice, but the rational, obvious, easy thing to do.
That is why I don't focus on getting rid of government, on "making better choices", or anything like that, but on creating and fostering mental constructs, environments, and situations where the healthy, beneficial, helpful thing to do is easy, obvious, rational, and fun!
Like! :D
I am not merely a person on here, nor are you. Looking at you, @robertmelluish ;)
We are a movement, helping each other, encouraging each other, growing a global community garden of interactive money, destroying the fourth wall of investment and value, and investing in interaction and community with micropayments and tipping.
Of course we'll have the issue of spamming for a while.
We've been on platforms that are mentally, emotionally, and spiritually unhealthy, addictive, and socially destructive, such as Facebook and YouTube.
So we'll find people trying to game the system.
And that's fine.
Why? Because the design of Yours is that doing such things costs you and puts money into the pocket of Yours, which has designed an evolving ecosystem of social interaction with money, breaking the fourth wall of investment, and putting the power of social interaction and "the little guy" of mass movement and virality, back into the hands of "the common man".
It doesn't make sense to spam here. People will still try doing it, and end up helping optimize the system, just as Einstein helped show the truth of quantum mechanics by his brilliant criticisms of it and stark denial of its reality: "God does not play dice."
But God does play dice. And we do interact.
Spamming is anti-social, and when the bank of CNN is drained with their bots propping up a story that people don't care for, or do, we can have troll battles on here where each individual can fund and advocate the funding of multiple other people, and use $0.25 votes to say whom they think should be paid attention to.
And what a beautiful chaos that will be. BCH has the bandwidth to deal with that, as it approaches first 32mb of transaction bandwidth, then higher and higher, unto eventually, terabyles.
And then we can finally help those in Uganda, Africa.
Cause they keep friending me on fb asking for money.
And it's irritating to not be able to help them.
Giving people money on here will create the network effect, and since this place isn't insidious like facebook is and honors your mind, honors freedom, once that effect starts kicking in, facebook will feel the brain drain of "the masses".
What I most like about this is that time isn't necessarily a factor.
You can't "miss the Bitcoin Cash" boat like what happened with Bitcoin Core.
Nope. The idea is much more manageable, much more long-term.
It's a new way of interacting with others.
Micropayments: It's like a like, but it's not just a like. It's actual support. Support you can afford.
Hm. Micropayments: The Super Like You Can Afford.
Micropayments: Crowdfund those in need with just $0.25.
10,000 vote on someone's post, that's $2,500. Gofundme without the hassle of setup. Patreon without the monthly fee. Just get an account on Yours, and help the hungry get the food they need. You can literally tip them without them making a single post, and then the money literally goes directly to them.
The main issue is that it's still hard to use crypto for businesses. I think it would be nice if BCH could be the next PayPal with it's own card. Or maybe I'm thinking in the "get rid of spam" way here ;)


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Agreed mostly, just to add...

One useful rule of thumb is "if spammers are paying for it then it is not spam". BCH's near zero and consistent fees enables market forces to compete for micro-utility on the Blockchain.

For 3rd world countries, none of the solutions like donations, tech transfers, food aid, works very well becos they are not self-sustaining, and definitely not self-reinforcing virtuous cycles.
What's need is to generate trade growth with the 3rd world, in its myriad forms of
  • Affordable micro-transactions (becos daily wages are $2 and lower) eg. micro-loans venture "funds",
  • "Fishing-Enablers" i.e. micro-turks like, GEMS (stalled), that provides more options for their population to earn Honest Money, honestly.
  • Banking Unbanked, provides a more portable, convenient, permanent and low cost way to accumulate wealth for rainy days and projects
  • ... ... (share your thoughts on how?)
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