Are you a developer?

Are you tired of shifting platforms, incongruent standards, closed access to monetization and other limitations?
You should consider developing your next project on the Bitcoin SV blockchain. Most developers are unaware that bitcoin was designed as a distributed, open source operating system with the capabilities of a worldwide super computer boasting functionally infinite storage and access capabilities as well as world-class censorship resistance and no central point of failure. This allows developers the freedom to serve data, apps and monetization directly off of the blockchain.

Bitcoin is not an investment asset or a tool used for the dark web!

Quite the contrary, Bitcoin SV has broken way from the culture of price speculation and has returned bitcoin's focus on building products of value that can be utilized as simple peer-to-peer electronic cash or as the base layer of apps and businesses that thrive on micropayment-fueled paywalls, in-game monetization, pay-per-click, "freemium" or also completely free (to the user) business models.
Using the open source library of bitcoin SV, you have complete access to audit the code of the base layer of the network as Bitcoin SV is provided under the open-source MIT License. Working with Bitcoin SV also grants you exclusive access to the intellectual property of nChain, the only blockchain development research company dedicated entirely to bitcoin and creating intellectual property for use only on the Bitcoin SV blockchain.

So where do you begin?

A developer needs only a few basic things to start.
If you're new to bitcoin, the first thing you need is a wallet to hold your bitcoins. Below are three solid options for different uses.
1. The easiest wallet that can be used for holding AND used to deploy apps to the blockchain is MoneyButton.
There is also open access to MoneyButton Developer Tools for designing your own creative use-cases. For direct help from the creators and maintainers of MoneyButton, join on Telegram.
2. If you want a simple mobile wallet, we recommend HandCash for basic use of funds. This is not a longterm storage wallet, but it is designed to be used for daily use with a brilliantly simple UI/UX. The HandCash proprietary $Handle system surpasses common QR codes that also extend into exciting secondary use cases via $Handle API and Cashport Integrations for all HandCash users!
3. For longterm storage of Bitcoin SV, a secure desktop wallet is crucial, and the recommended option across the board is ElectrumSV for its robust toolset, password protection, hardware integration options and history of trustworthy stability.
You will also need some BSV which I'm happy to help you with if you simply contact me.
However, if you want to go to an exchange and make your first purchase privately, there are a number of options available.

Now That You Have Bitcoin, What's Next?

1. Once you have some BSV and a MoneyButton, all you need is JavaScript, CSS and/or HTML abilities to develop using the various tools created by the enigmatic developer known as "_unwriter" who has been working tirelessly creating developer kit items and APIs for the world to use exclusively on Bitcoin SV.

2. If you're looking for smart-contract development for business applications, you can combine the tools from Unwriter and MoneyButton with the professional tools from the Tokenized team. Tokenization can be as simple as creating an in-game asset for a virtual world, or it can be used to pass the ownership of a commodity, such as gold or some other valuable collectible across the internet.
The beauty of tokenization through smart contracts is that there isn't a limitation to the amount of creativity you put into the concept, so everything from supply chain management to the establishment of an in-game currency to be exchanged among digital elves and gnomes is well within your reach when working with the team from Tokenized.
Join Tokenized on Telegram to learn more.

Let's Look at Some Examples

So what are some creative end-uses for apps developed on the Bitcoin SV blockchain?
1. Simple peer-to-peer payments! Obviously, bitcoin's first and primary use is for simple peer-to-peer payments with no need for trust or a middleman because transactions are secured by proof of work mining on an immutable distributed ledger. This is an example of how quickly I was able to send $0.05 to $Natalie using the HandCash wallet, mentioned above. Bitcoin is fueled by the simplicity of instant, cheap and secure payments as the backbone of the network, and this is a great example.
2. Take a look at the gameplay trailer for "Crypto Fights" where the game play and ownership of weapons and tools is provable for all time because it occurs on the blockchain!
2. "ANNE" produced by "Mr Scatman" as a suite of business and developer tools, and there's a nifty video giving some insights into the real power of Bitcoin SV and ANNE.
Mr Scatman has been a staple of the bitcoin community for many years, developing a host of exciting tools. For a preview of ANNE, take a moment to watch the trailer and see some of what can be done on the only true distributed operating system, Bitcoin SV, when the limits of development are removed.
When asked for some feedback about creating this list, Scatman had the following to say on Twitter:

3. On-chain, immutable, censorship-resistant Instagram competitor, Bitstagram! You can upload any photograph and people can tip you for your work right in the app that runs natively on Bitcoin! Photos are stored and served forever from the blockchain.
3. On-chain, immutable media solutions.
4. You can even upload something as complex as a fully playable version of Super Mario Brothers to the blockchain where it can be served forever.

Make Contact With Other Developers and Resources.

There are various official and independent developers in the Bitcoin SV economy. You are welcome to work on your own without permission if you can transact on bitcoin. Think of Bitcoin as a "Utility of the Commons," in that regard. But if you have questions or require guidance, this is a solid list of resources for some hand-holding as you get started developing apps, games and business tools:

The rest of the journey is up to you and your creativity! Use Bitcoin SV as a database, server, super computer and monetization platform for all of your great ideas. See them flourish and live forever on the blockchain built for business: Bitcoin SV.


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