A few nights ago while perusing videos on YouTube, I found this video titled, “Brilliant Reason Why Neil deGrasse Tyson Doesn’t Put Cover on His iPhone.”
Initially I thought, "Why in the world would someone ask a well-known scientist that question?"
I had to see the video.
The reasoning for not using a cell phone case is incredible.
It turns out it has a direct correlation to the reasoning behind gun twirling by military cadets.
Did you view the clip?
After watching, you understand that it has ZERO to do with taking risks.
Alternatively, it is ALL about learning to control risk.
Neil deGrasse Tyson explains how guns and iPhones were not made to be dropped.
They definitely can’t plummet to the ground on their own.
You are the one in charge. You control the way you view possible risks. It's your choice to take control over and diminish potential risks.
By practicing what’s risky you can control and minimize potential risks.
Every single day.
Again and again, awaiting the day your brain views the threat as something it knows well and takes command of it.
The internet is full of false information. Like, “Entrepreneurs love risk.
No, we really don’t.
No one does.
What makes entrepreneurs, thriving entrepreneurs, stand out from the pack is the ability
to take command of the dangers. Learn them. Appreciate them.
To defeat them, so they can’t defeat us.
Read. Study. Exercise. Repeat.
That equates to TAKING ACTION.
Eventually, your peers will look up to you for your dedication and the way you dismiss the threat of danger. However, you know the truth.
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