Employment in the 21st century has slowed down due to the increasing population and sluggish economic growth across the world. Getting a job is a hard task especially for fresh graduates. Employers have requirements that they mostly don’t meet. Because job seeking is such a hard task, employees have resolved to other methods of getting these qualifications, especially in countries where corruption is high. Falsified resumes are a common practice among fresh graduates or anyone looking for a job. A few tweaks on their skillset and qualifications places them well above other candidates. The emergence of online universities has also not helped as some just pay for certificates and these universities endorse that they have indeed completed the course and have the skills required to do those specific tasks required. Under-qualified employees are filling the employment space while qualified graduates keep on searching for jobs. However, technology is coming to the aid of employers and genuinely qualified graduates. Blockchain technology has allowed a startup, SpringRole, to come up with an attestation platform that will show the actual resume of applicants with verified qualifications and skillset. Assurance for employees SpringRole’s platform is designed to host different types of members. There are the applicants, those who are looking for employment in different sectors. Applicants will need to upload their resumes containing only truthful information as everything in the resume will be verified. They will list their skills, qualifications and any other information that is relevant to the type of work they are looking for. Employers are the other group that will be hosted on this platform. - Employers will find the SpringRole platform filled with potential employees of different qualifications that can suit their organizations perfectly. - Employers will also be used to safeguard other employers. - For those who will be in the platform and have worked for employers who are also in the same platform, they can attest to the employment cited by applicants. - If there is any false information, then this employer can raise it up with the platform. Through this method, employees will also protect themselves from falsified data. Apart from employers, universities will also be of great help to this platform. There are a number of universities that are currently running in the world, most of them providing excellent services. However, there are some questionable universities that produce under-qualified graduates which may end up inconveniencing employers. Now, SpringRole will host a number of users who can be used to attest to the skillset of these graduates. If they do not meet the requirements they have claimed in their resume, or their university is known to produce graduates deficient in a skill required in a particular field, then their resume may not be verified for use in the platform. SpringRole will be using a community-based method to support the claims that have been made on resumes and by employers. Community effort Universities themselves will also take part in this verification. Every degree or certificate that is cited in a resume will have to be verified by the university cited. This will not just be for the certificate, but they have to verify the time taken in the university, courses completed by the applicant and even provide the transcripts for this applicant. The attestation by universities will have to be detailed to ensure that not even those of the same names or twins can use each other’s profile. There are online platforms that offer courses that can be completed easily without students having to physically go to a class. Platforms such as Coursera offer courses that enable their students to understand some concepts in particular fields or learn new skills that can be an added advantage to employers. Such short courses are usually rewarded with a certificate. These course givers will also be used to attest to the claims made by the applicants in their resumes. This can also be used to raise the credibility of the courses they offer. They will also need to give detailed information about their former learners. Examination bodies will also be used to confirm qualification of potential employees. Some courses are taught in universities and exams are administered by different bodies. These bodies can be used to confirm that potential employees within the platform have indeed taken the exams and passed. This is especially important in professions such as accounting which usually have a sort of standard around the world or in law where bar qualifications are required for one to practice law actively in courts. The importance of blockchain Immutability and transparency are two aspects that have to be taken seriously in such a platform. Blockchain will provide the sort of transparency needed. - Employers will have more confidence in this platform if they are aware of its immutability in data storage and full transparency when it comes to their employees. - Blockchain will also allow SpringRole to have a tokenized platform which will greatly reduce the cost needed to confirm the qualifications of applicants. Having to physically confirm all the qualifications listed by applicants is such a tasking work for employers and it usually takes up a lot of time and money. These costs can be reduced by the SpringRole platform through their easy verification process that is supported by relevant bodies such as universities and employers, and which is also based on blockchain technology, assuring full transparency and immutability of the data in the platform. The Spring token is what will be used to pay for the services that employers or potential employees may require in the platform. Referrals can be made using the tokens users will have earned. Earning the tokens is simple. You can earn from referrals, if someone refers you company or you, you can earn tokens by being a validator in the platform, you can also earn tokens by completing your SpringRole profile and getting attestations. Further Links
Website - https://springrole.com/ Whitepaper - https://docsend.com/view/k5nghff Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/springrole/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/springroleinc/ Telegram - https://t.me/Countinghouse Bitcointalk ANN - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3556999.new#new Bitcointalk Bounty - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3602729.0
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