Myths and cultural stories are collaborative, they’re told through people and solidified in time.

Could the blockchain ever replace that?

We decided for this weeks post, we would focus on an episode of Blockchain 2025 everyone could relate to. Storytelling.
Kelso, co-host of the Blockchain 2025 podcast show and Editor of, recently had the chance to attend the ComicCon event in San Diego, California.
His initial idea was not to cover blockchain, but to see what was new in ComicCon world, what cool stories he could cover and which famous-es actually attended events like this.
What he found surprised him. This event, not at all connected to the crypto and blockchain world, but they had successfully, off their own back, implemented it in some way or other.
Only as he was wandering (dodging celebrities like Nicole Kidman, Jude Law and Ice Cube’s son) around a room dedicated to AR, VR, Bitcoin ATM’s and blockchain hackathons, did Kelso realise that the world of storytelling, comics and anime were already ‘on it’ when it came to blockchain.

What is the current state of Storytelling?

Right now, the US market of ‘storytelling’ is huge. Marvel, for one example, are gatekeepers to big media, and their fans are ‘basically consumers’. They’ve built an empire of sellers, buyers and file sharers who have all bought into a story.
It’s a high barrier to entry, and they call the shots on what goes in each story.
However, in the background, there is already a small movement of ‘fan fiction’ happening. These fans want to write their own versions of the stories, and vote for the best ones.

Where does blockchain come into storytelling?

Kelso had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing the guys behind ConsenSys startup, Cellarius.
Cellarius works on an old idea, with a new tech spin. As we know, myths were always collaborative, until they became one ‘thing’. The creators of the project, as storytelling fans, were curious-what if there was a way to solidify these tales and keep them unchanged, forever?
Cellarius and blockchain was their answer.
In their own words, Cellarius is:
“An original transmedia franchise that utilizes the Ethereum blockchain and user generated content to create a collaborative and fan generated 'lore.'
Anyone can add content, then that content can be voted to be made permanent to the story using blockchain.
It is it’s own universe- projecting out where tech will go. Blockchain is the main part of the story we’re telling.”
In case your morning coffee is yet to kick in, in simple terms:
A story is suggested by fans, voted on by fans and solidified on the blockchain following a final agreement within that community. Only one story can happen at a time. This gives back power to the fans-they decide on what they want to see, hear and feel.
Cellarius is working to replace traditional folklore and creating stories that are infinite and unchangeable once on the blockchain.
Is there any way to monetize this?
Right now, they’re up in the air with monetization strategies. Proving it’s not all about the money. The Brooklyn based team ultimately want the fans to decide on the revenue model. A refreshing move in a money obsessed market, or at least we think so.
Want to hear the full interview debrief?
Check out the Blockchain 2025 blockchain episode now:



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