Hi, my name is Elizabeth Olim, I came to this community through a friend who told me that she could comment on my case here since the seen ah that helps people in need, I am a single mother of 3 children, I am a teacher in Special Education I am from Venezuela where Education is the worst paid, I can not afford to support my children.
I urgently go to this medium, since I am in need of an operation in the right ceno I have a tumor that measures 2cm. which is growing very fast, I must extract it because I have a history of mother who died of cancer at dinner and I do not want to get to suffer from this disease. therefore the surgery comes out in 282 dollars each suture 63 dollars and 3 suture is needed apart from the other medications and materials needed.
I would greatly appreciate your support because if I continue to wait, I will increase the cost of the materials more thanking them for their collaboration.
I do not comply with the means to get all that money I hope you support me with something thank you and sorry if this bothers you.
it was translated by google translator sorry


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Disclaimer : I'm not a source of medical diagnosis, diagnostic support and equipment. According to that Dx briefing, it may be interpreted as you having non-malignant tumors. Please do not limit yourself with oncologists and pathologists, but take thorough medical examination from endocrinologists -- think about that as looking for your well being, long term -- , alternative health practitioners, including Vitamin C Therapy if it is necessary to be prescribed, etc. These tumors might possibly be emerging by a whole range of identifiable causal elements: from hormonal dis-balance, to emotional distress and electromagnetic sensitivity caused by a long-term exposure to the near field of wireless equipment (smartphones, laptops, etc.) . Identifying the specific causal elements is the objective of a medical diagnosis, and the subsequent treatment. Medical supervision is a must. Please look at this website: https://www.cancertutor.com/war_evidence/ Elizabeth, take care!
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Thanks to everyone, I never thought that this was possible today, I contacted the doctor and within two days it is the intervention. I am operated on Friday, thank God and I hope all goes well, I will keep you informed
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