Good friends of this beautiful and very nice community which has given me immense support.

Today I have to return with this great embarrassment to ask for a collaboration since I do not have the money to buy the medicines to improve myself and the tools to cleanse me in the operation.

I am not a person asking for friends I am a hardworking woman that I like to earn my own but I am also a mother and first are my children which I could not attend due to my operation I do not have to cover the expenses of medicines and food here in venezuela the one who lives mdio comfortable is because he has help from a family abroad I do not have anyone I am alone with my 3 children warring.

I ask you please help me friend gives me a lot of embarrassment to get to this but it is the only means I have really sorry this must be annoying for many but one should never judge because you do not know how it will be tomorrow thank you for reading friends.


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