Hello friends, I ask you from my heart to help me to collect urgently for the realization of some exams.
Every 15 days my son is responsible for a chemotherapy treatment, it is very difficult days that we passed, very strong, the medications that have affected my little son's organism a lot. The exams to be done come out in a total of 21,486 Sovereign Bolivares, what would be approximately $ 175, the struggle is great, both with the disease and in the real economic part is not easy to afford a disease as terrible as this. All cancer is terrible, after so many tests of struggle and struggle, treatments, here we are fighting for that little angel who wants to fight so much for his life.
Every day I find myself in a lot of despair and sadness. Every day I give thanks to God because my son is still alive. And with much fear and fear every time news arrives that my son's fight partners have died and I wonder if we will overcome this terrible disease?
I always say it is not easy to ask for help all the time, many times people do not understand the despair and do not know everything that each person tries to cover to cover expenses for diseases like these.
We will continue fighting as long as possible. Thanks in advance.
Excuse my english use translator


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