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*Learning thru play*
3 magic words, I'm currently studying Feldenkrais, it's a 3 year training (I've only just begun) and learning thru play is the essence of this method. The first intensive 3 week training involved 30 people rolling around on the floor exploring ways to break habitual patterns... to play in a way that let the body do what it is designed to do rather than function the way I've trained it.
One woman attended only 3 days of the first week, then returned week 3 (this was agreed when she registered, her 2 year old son had cancer, he needed check up), at one point she stood next to me "you all look so different. Look, everybody is glowing."
So engrossed in my own discoveries I hadn't noticed until she pointed it out, people WERE all shiney, faces were different. Eyes, opened, exploring the space (much time was spent on eye movements, fixing, staring, glazing, seeing, looking, experimenting with peripheral vision... people gave the appearance of confidence and grace, fully IN their bodies.
"The Potent Self" was discussed amongst many other intriguing subject matter, how when the self is fully formed, owned, then true introductions can be made, people can be met... as their potent selves.
All this thru play. Rolling on the floor and using the body the way it was designed, ribs, they roll they're curved, toes, they CAN interlock arms, they begin at the sternum legs, from the lower back eyeballs, they have weight... let them roll with gravity and and and and
The art of learning, it begins... with play :)
I'm happy you did all that was really needed as a captain and then spent your time bringing this blog together, your spacecraft is still flying.
ThankYOU SatoshiDoodles for playing, now you know the inner secrets of those mysterious spacecraft!
(well, almost).
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@TheWildCard Rolling on the floor, playing with and looking into the eyes of a baby has a similar effect for me. ;) and thank YOU
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