The processes of political, economic and social destabilization as
softening precursors to capture entire villages through
"Institutional" coups have replaced invasions
military in Latin America. The relative success they have obtained in
Latin America seems to have stimulated the great powers
nuclear to try for other latitudes.

Not by chance the US government with Donald Trump to the
head is "inexplicably" withdrawing its troops from many of its
¨ sands ¨. But not to abandon the war. They are testing their new
objective achievement ploy with minimal political cost
, economic and military. So does Federated Russia and China
Popular. In this way the rest of the world is kept at bay and out
of a "competition" in which only "I would complicate" things. Very
convenient ... right?

In the third war, Venezuela is one of the most important areas
¨promotors ¨ because of its status as a supplier of raw materials and
precious metals in many of the lines most desired by the
more industrialized economies and with the greatest armies of
planet. And like the rest of the nations of the continent
South American small political, economic elites exist within
and military, destabilizing their own towns and villages
neighbors. South American elites stupid enough - for
true-like to ignore that your goals and interests as well as the
of all the Latin American people have always been and will be in
conflict with those of the great powers. In the end they will be totally
ignored and replaced by new generation ones, even more
docile And, I repeat, I mean all the Creole elites of the south
of the continent, including political and military.

Today they are in the news Hong Kong, Spain, Venezuela, Peru,
Ecuador, Chile ... and stop counting. The biggest pull of the
"Remember" and everyone starts to convulse. The calm returns
here and there and then get lost again between decisions and
Orders that are formulated from far away.

Of course it is always there latent, the danger of a great
climbing. Occasionally "destabilizing pumps" fall on
Washington, Beijing, Moscow or in Europe itself.

We would be surprised how close all this puts us to an outcome
fatal and apocalyptic. It usually never goes to the media. But
something always leaks shortly after the danger ¨ha
past .

However, despite everything, the third world war continues,
stealthily ... its course.


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