This has been going on for 4-5 years now and not a fucking peep in western Capitalist MSM about this (also nothing about months of people's protests in France)... absolute fucking disgrace of the lying bastards in western FAKE NEWS MEDIA
People in Yemen are among latest targets of Fascist Capitalist Imperialism of USA, UK, France, selling Saudi Arabia weapons to commit worst genocide in modern human history since WWII... 20 Million are starving in Yemen, on brink of death any moment if not from hunger, then from bombs produced in US/UK/France, dropped by aircraft produced in same countries, sold to one of the worst human rights violators in the world, a full on DICTATORSHIP... Saudi Fucking Arabia piece of shit Kingdom
Everyone needs to see this, same way how Germans were all forced to go see the forced labor camps when WWII ended... this is SHAME ON THE WHOLE WORD!


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See these things if it gives me pain, you know why, these capitalist imbeciles will never pay for their crimes, they are about to die, to donate their fortunes to all the poverty in the world starting with the church and that is precisely what Ed wants to do in Venezuela. That is precisely what you want to destroy our beautiful nation ... But we are resisting those photos broke my soul ..
   1yr ago