I would love it if BCH and YOURS community members attend some of the free events and engage in the blockchain community as a whole. Because of the academic sponsorship I feel like this is a great opportunity to bring a voice to the conversation that might not be well represented in the core events and Epicenter Presentations.
Here is the link to register for free events:
https://www.universe.com/events/official-san-francisco-blockchain-week-oct-5-12-2018-tickets-san-francisco-DYQ1FC "San Francisco Blockchain Week is a week of free educational, consumer, and developer focused events that aim to push the boundaries of local blockchain innovation which has been welcomed by the San Francisco community. The goal of this week-long, immersive experience is to help the industry reach mainstream adoption through fundamental education and development of projects that matter."
The focus of the week is education and consumer adoption. And since the main reason I personally resonate with the BCH community ideals is their approach to use and access, any exploration and intentional development in these areas feels incomplete without a balanced attendance.
In an attempt to foster that balanced attendance, there is the possibility of creating YOURS, BCH and other valuable meetups or events and adding them to the overall program.
Judging from the publications and content coming from MIT and CAL, the majority of students are indoctrinated into a more established entrepreneurial and economic system of thought and exploration. Just having different voices asking difficult questions and bringing up opposing points of view can have a substantial impact on how they engage in their own projects. Understanding that there is not a widespread consensus, in certain areas of technical development as well as economic development, makes the future seem more creative and inspires more problem solving.
I just finished a media certificate program and so was a full time student at CAL this summer. It reminded me how naive we can be as students and graduates trying to make our way in our chosen field and professions. We accept so much as fact and the fundamentally correct way to do things. And on the opposite side, I realized how biased I can be in my communication and actions in certain arenas of my own profession based on my personal experiences. Showing up and taking the time to listen to different takes on the same issue and communicate your experiences in turn is the best way to change minds and open up the conversation. Ultimately a face to face conversation can be a powerful tool in creating change.
That being said I'm curious and will be attending as an observer and content creator. For me it's important to evaluate the communication, and miscommunication, in order to shift certain patterns of communication and behavior. As someone who feels like I'm still getting my feet wet with blockchain and crypto, after almost a year of reading and listening, I find that I still get lost and have a hard time sifting through the opinions and language specific to the community. If consumer adoption is going to happen, more conversations will need to happen and we can all use more practice at positive outreach and advocacy in the things we believe in and feel can make a positive difference.
One of the taglines of this event is Changing the Narrative... Wouldn't it be awesome if that narrative evolved into a form that is manifest of many voices... not just a few in the right place at the right time...
Thanks for reading my ramble :)
Do let me know if anyone will be attending or organizing a meetup and I'll support and spread the word!



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