This place is so cool! I'm making money and I wasn't expecting to. People here interact with you, tip/pay you (or pay? it's hard to distinguish?), and I'm split between tipping others back (bad habit of such fun though!) and trying out cashing the money out (both to test and verify, and 'cause I need money lol).
I need to get to my notifications at some point.
I'm having fun! :D <3
Hm. Would this one be "general" or "meta"?

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When you vote, you can earn money too, let me explain, if you vote someone first than the others, you'll earn from votes made by other people.
first person to vote spends 25cent
Second person to vote spends 25 cent and 12,5 cent goes to the first one
Third person spends 25 cent and second person earns 12,5 cent and the first one earns 6,25 cents
Its a pyramid, that happens when you vote, but when you tip you don't earn, neither when you buy a content from the paywall or tip a comment, voting are just for posts.
Hope this information could be useful for you, brother.
And you can withdraw your money instantly to your Bitcoin Cash wallet anytime you want.
As it says, nobody can stop you to spend your money, try it, it's awesome!
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I started this whole Yours thing, because I needed money, too. I realized sometimes it isn't about penny tips too good quality content posted to reddit and twitter(really don't get much from this since I was shadowbanned when I started here). Ends up getting me a pretty good chunk of change. Once you get "one good payout" giving back to the Yours community tends to be my main goal. Don't think I'm not doing this for selfish reasons either? The more people using this platform the more tippers, buyers and curators I will have voting on my content, meaning I make more money in the long run. I consider this platform almost as important as Bitcoin Cash, right now. It has taken me on a strange journey.
Here is an example of all the big winners in the money dept. As you can see these are usually get rich quick ideas, etc. Trading tips etc.
On the other hand tho, just well written content or motivational things work to get some decent pocket change. I probably spend more time Writing it. and make less than working at Mcdonanlds but it is something I Love doing.
I got lucky, I fell in love instantly, with yours because my first "post." Made about $30. Since then My entire goal is to give at least 50% back to the community. Mind you I was scared to write in "long form." As you can see, my punctuation and sentence structure is enough to drive an english teacher nutty, but the thoughts are real and, kind of, interesting. I have found my new home here at yours and I can see you have seen the vision too.
The Tip: Just a bit to get you started in Paying it Forward. I really believe in the Karma of Yours.
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"Would this one be general or meta"? I feel unsure of the categories sometimes too, I find a lot of times I have posts that might fit in science, meta, or general, and I kind of try to post between the three a lot of times...
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  earned 0.0¢ reallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly needs the ability to reply to comments. To spur discussion, banter, memes... you know a community! Or I'm dumb and I don't know how to do it.
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No kidding!!!! You're dumb. LOL No; there REALLY needs to be the ability to reply!
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I kind of like this community, you can vote with BCH and receive some for creating quality content... I think this coin has a huge agenda for growth so I guess that this will go smoothly with time, anyways looks like you are successful in here. :D
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