Season 2 Episode 1. Little Green Men.
One word synopsis: sweaty
Season 2 kicks off with Mulder still reeling from the closure of the X-Files and the murder of his friend/informant, Deep Throat, which apparently in 1994, was still an acceptable nickname for an individual.  To add to his grief, his ginger love, Scully, is out of his life. Obviously lost without her, he’s started believing that sunflower seeds can pass as a legitimate meal; he also wears a lot of jean on jean.
After some aliens send a message to an abandoned observatory in Puerto Rico about how nice and peaceful and cultured they are, one cool guy in the government sends Mulder to investigate.  This is where Mulder discovers Jorge, a terrified dude that’s been hiding from some aliens for a very long time, obviously able to survive without food or water forEVER.  Sadly his survival instincts don’t last long, and as soon as Jorge hears a little lighting, he runs out of the only shelter he’s even known into the woods where these “peaceful” aliens zap him to death.
Scully starts to miss her man, and tracks Mulder to Puerto Rico where she finds him ranting about aliens and Jorge in a sexy, thoroughly soaked, cut-off tee.  The bad-guys (in this case the ridiculously named Blue Beret UFO retrieval team) find them and open fire.  Come to find out, Mulder is a mean jeep driver; they narrowly escape but only with a single tape of alien evidence.
Which was erased by an electrical surge during the lightning stor

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One of the best X-Files episodes. I've recently rediscovered PsiFactor, and it's not a bad ugly cousin to the X-Files.
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