My country, Venezuela, a little corner north of South America; a land that was once a power, a small and rich country in the Caribbean full of beautiful places, with an enviable geographic location, with mining riches and the wealth that impoverished it, the poison of Venezuela: oil. I remember being small when my mother sent me to buy something in the warehouse of the Colombians, a business that they mounted fleeing from the displacements in their country, from the wars that have always existed in Colombian fields, I remember my mother sending me to buy bread where "El Portu" a Portuguese man owner of the bakery who came to Venezuela with dreams and managed to establish his family business, and when my parents decided to go out to eat something in the street as a group, nothing like the pizzas of the Italians that today have years in my city, and remain the most prestigious despite everything, when it was not Italian food we went to any Chinese restaurant in the city run by its owners or delicious Chilean empanadas where Chileans had their own restaurant. I remember that one day we decided to buy a couple of furniture for the house, and if the owner of the store an Arab if he knew how to serve us and what a good seller that man. Once we went on a family outing to one of the beaches in Venezuela, I remember: Chichiriviche; the cabins where we stayed of a German lady who gave us her lodging and good happy and grateful attention of how the Venezuelans had extended her hand and today without losing much of her accent she could still have her cabins to stay, and that is that we are the ones who grew up in this land, who received so many foreigners at some time, we did not understand them when they spoke but in the end we found a way to understand each other, that did not stop any Venezuelan from buying them, from helping them. My grandmother tells me that long before I was born in the house where I live there were many students and I came to house people from Bolivia and Peru, friends of the family now both, my grandmother extended her hand without asking much in return , today they still retain their friendship each with their family, the Bolivian Mr. Eduardo still lives here in Venezuela one of his children ended up being a very close friend, and Mr. Noel who was Peruvian if he was eradicated in the States United and there has a huge family, my grandmother remembers them with a lot of affection. I live in a border state with Colombia, so I remember studying with many classmates at school whose parents were Colombian and that was not a problem for me or my other classmates.
What I want to get is that xenophobia was never something that existed in Venezuela, quite the contrary we were happy to receive people who came to work in our country, because there is nothing that makes a country grow more than the emigrants who want work, which seek to improve their economic status, that is something that enriches every nation even at the level of customs and culture. Today we Venezuelans have left, even many have not had the facility and have been walking across borders, passing humiliations and hunger. We are an exodus in the world and I understand the fact that we are reaching everywhere, but I believe that a large part of the people who leave do so out of necessity and not because they want to go with the mentality of working and but nothing.

Exodus of Venezuelans

It is very true that migrations go from all kinds of people, and I think that there are mostly three great reasons for the rejection of Venezuelans:

  • Many of those who have emigrated have grown up in the culture of liveliness and living of this government, I create a paternalistic mentality for what they expect help from the state always, even many are people who have a criminal record; so I think the best thing the whole world can do is ask a criminal record to anyone who wishes to enter their country.
  • The second, although it sounds arrogant is the charisma of the Venezuelans and because of this they are easily hired or they sell their products quickly, we are by nature people who are always laughing, they always have that shine of hope in their eyes, we know how to reach the and I think it was because of that multicultural contact that we once had, besides that we are Caribbean and those of us who live in the Andes are remarkably kind people, in fact the city I come from was known as "the city of cordiality" I do not believe That name has been given to us for nothing.
  • It is better for many to pay little to a foreigner than to someone who demands all their payment for rights, since by not having the papers in order it is easier to manipulate a foreigner to work the same hours at a low cost and has passed to many Venezuelans (this is really a shame, but it is reality).
  • The truth is that above all brother countries like Colombia should put their hands on their hearts because what is happening to Venezuela is a serious thing, it is a bad time and we hope it does not happen much longer, I am sure that if things improve the exodus of Venezuelans is going to go back, straight and right to their country, Venezuela that so many yearned for and many have not been able to adapt to being so far away, many long for their land and I have the slight impression that we are very nationalistic, point tormenting, I think my advice to people who are outside Venezuela is that they work and do not exhibit so much, that is, enough of the tricolor cap, the shirts of Venezuela, etc; Believe me that with the accent is enough, this excess of patriotism takes us away from knowing other cultures, I think it is time to be a correct emigrant and although we will one day return to Venezuela with our heads held high and with many friends from the country have received us.

Imparted in silence by who?
Do they want us alone?
the only foreigner that has damaged the country
use bibigote-has power- little word.
And the only Xenophobia that exists in this country is what the government has for all of us - Venezuelans.

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Es muy triste y lamentable como nuestros familiares se han visto en la necesidad y obligacion de partir a otros paises por busca de una mejora. Como vemos a padres separandose de sus hijos para poder ir a trabajar y brindarles un mejor futuro.
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