Hello, good morning, I hope all of you are well-loved friends today with a positive mind that God Almighty will do the best for us. Unfortunately we still do not apply the respective chemotherapies to my son because we do not get all the money to continue buying the drugs, we bought a part and we are missing the rest and we are still raising to try to comply with his chemotherapy, this also they sent him to do some extra exams, which is also more money, now they are the drugs that are missing from the chemotherapy plus the exams.
Please, although you can help me, I would appreciate it, friends please, this is not a montage, I always use budgets, instructions and guidelines for my son.
This is something very delicate and it really is very embarrassing to have to ask for help to be able to fulfill the responsibilities of a child but I do not have the economic means to carry such a disease and the medicines are very expensive, most are brought from Colombia, Brazil, medicines imported and here they sell them at a very high price.
We really need friends, please do not bother.
He was referred for a gastroenterologist, in the hospital
and he sent him to do some exams this is the budget of one and the other do not give me a budget, but you can call that number and check the price they told me that they were 4900 bs, y otro 2.800 bs mas lo que me falta para las quimioterapias.
Excuse my English.


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