The eagle is a bird that has a special characteristic as a symbol of power and regeneration, it has a beautiful history; that is even quoted in the bible "You must be like the eagle" Psalm 103; Although I am not the most religious person in the world; My attention is very much called; and is that it is a story full of motivation force and as you know I always like to share, so here I leave this beautiful story that anquea is not physically possible for this bird has an incredible message:
The eagle is the longest bird that exists, it can live up to 70 years, but at age 40 its nails become curved and more flexible, so it can not catch the prey to eat and its beak that is long and quite pointed is also curved pointing towards the chest, its wings get old and become heavy and thick which does not allow it to fly, then; the decision of the eagle begins: "it only has two alternatives", to die or to face a painful process in which it is renewed; but this process lasts 150 days, during the process the eagle flies to the top of a mountain and takes refuge in a nest near a wall where it does not need to fly, then when it is just there, it begins to strike its beak against the wall until it starts When this falls the eagle must wait for a new one to be born; with which he then ripped off his old nails. When these nails begin to be born, it plucks out the old feathers; and after five long months she is ready to leave and start her renewal flight and live the remaining 30 years of life.
In our life we ​​sometimes have to protect ourselves for a while and start over again, to do a renewal process that allows us to leave with our victorious flight, letting go of ties; bad habits, everything that weighs us and represses us and is able to keep us postponed, to be free of all this weight we can fly again; this renewal is what will allow us to live fully, so you must be like the eagle!


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great article ! you taught me something I did not know about eagles and I very much like the metaphor behind it
   5mo ago