Hello dear community, I had several days without publishing on the platform, but everything has an explanation and that is why I am writing this post today
For anyone is a secret the terrible event that occurred in my country, which was a national shutdown which in my case left me without light in its entirety for 5 days
This clearly was a big blow for me and my family, because we were forced to consume all our food reserves prone to damage without proper refrigeration.
The truth is that I do not come from a family with a lot of money and this event hurt us a lot, all the money we had generated was invested in these foods and now we are forced to look for a way out to stabilize ourselves a bit.
I do not like to make this kind of content to be honest, I always try to bring content of your liking, with which you can get a good writing experience, but the truth is that I really need your help
Today, thanks to God, we already have electricity, but what the internet and mobile networks are still failing.
I really hope I can count on your support, God bless you! and see you soon!