Here's a cool idea. Yours should have a pay what you want option for the paywall. Users can just send a tip to buy the content. You could also have a smart suggestion feature to suggest a tip amount based on popular tip amounts and amount votes. You could also use this as a rating system to see how much others think the content is worth rather than just is it worth paying for yes or no. I don't know what features are planned for the Money Button but this would be a cool feature for the Money Button as well.
This would be great for people who either are not sure how much to charge for their content or just want to make it possible for as many people to buy it as possible while integrating the tipping function. What do you guys think? Happy to hear comments.

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There are indeed usecases where this could be the better option. But it is always a trade off. With voting there is a game incentive to be the first, which helps promoting good content, but it doesn't give a lot of proceeds to the content creator. With tipping/paywall it does but it does not incentive votting which helps introducing it to more people. The paywall option is cool because it lets the creator set its price for aditional content but then you have no idea if you priced out any people? Its a game and the content creator needs to figure out the best pricing by trying some out. With the pay what you like option it is hard to figure out what a good price setting is for which enough people are willing to pay for.
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Yeah, that's a good point. There are pros and cons to each method of monetization. In any case finding the best way to monetize is a matter of trial and error. Would just be nice to have more options.
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