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I was just about to sleep when I checked my phone one last time and saw your tweet. So of course I had to watch the video. First of all, thank you so much for that. I was smiling the whole time as I listened. ;)
The tone of your instrument is amazing and I love the song too. Such a happy and positive vibe and it just kept getting better and better the longer it went on. It made me think of a beautiful morning to be honest. I also need to thank you for having been such a devoted reader and I promise to try and pick it up again. I kind of lost momentum and got stuck but hopefully can find the right way to continue. Hope you and your girls are doing great and I'll see you on Yours. Now time to sleep. :)
   2yr ago
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Thank You Cain. I am happy you liked it.
I do like your writings and I am looking forward how the story will unfold.
Thank You for the tip too. Today I though, I will have to cash in Yours, after 8 months. Hihi, you did safe me from that!
Hope you are having a great morning now....;-)
   2yr ago