This YoursDignity is of-course till now very subjective think. One day I might receive suggestions from other members of this community, request of tunes. Till that will happen, I keep making tunes for people that somehow influence my life, that enrich me, that I am learning from, that are creating articles that worth reading in my opinion.
Every now and then I read post of you, some resonates with me, some not. I remember you, joining in and introducing Praxis. Took my attention, because I have kids, and they are growing up.
I am witnessing your consistency, and learning from it. I remember the article about your life-story. I remember your brainstorming about Yours, which in fact move my stomach a bit. I think in that post a made your tune on paper already.
Now, your almost last post is like made for me. Don't try to be better, be different.
I play the guitar, but I do not consider myself as a great musician. I also know, I have the potential and if I go for it, I can be good. But that requires a lot of practice with metronome, backing tracks, working on rhythm and tempo. Get more shapes under my fingers. In fact I did not give that much energy to it. Instead my mind was busy for years. Nobody could stop that, even when breastfeeding, while my body was locked between the kids, I was thinking about the guitar fretboard, visualizing, making connections, discovering logic and inter-connectiveness between the strings, shapes and numbers.
I made up an alternative guitar theory, which I call The E- System For Guitars and wrote a little manual about it. I invented this tunes made form date of birth or name, and finally came up with a name for it Number_Sonics. Getting closer to what I mean.
Your article just confirmed my actions. Don't try to be better, be different.
I think i qualified. That is what I am doing. I am not the best player, but I am different. With my music, crafted from personal data, either date of birth, or a name, or a twitter handle, I can bring some emotions to people. Most of them are happy and touched to receive personalized tune, even if the musicality is not perfect.
So, I salute you, and thank you for being here and doing your best. :)


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So cool! I play guitar too, and I can tell you I'm definitely not "better", so "different" is my only option. ;-)
   2yr ago