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Dear @Clemens, welcome into YoursDignity, thank you for that you are, and what you do.
I wish I can make a smile on your face. Please accept my thanks in the form of tune created from your name.

The tune came out in key of F,
chords: Fmaj Fmaj Amin Fmaj
notes (which I changed in this tune into chords):
(F maj) A min A min C7 bB maj C7 C7 F maj
(F maj) Ami C7 D min (F maj)

I am inviting other musicians to express the tune in their way and post it into comments.

En Espanol:
Melodía derivada del nombre, Clemens Ley
Vino en clave de F,
acordes: Fa major Fa major La menor Fa major
notas (que cambié en esta canción en acordes):
 Fa major La menor, La menor, Do 7, bSi major, Do7, Do7, Fa major
(Fa major) La menor, Do7, Re menor, (Fa major)
Invito a otras músicas a que expresen la melodía a su manera y la publiquen en los comentarios


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@clemens Did you ever check this out? :)
   1yr ago
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Thank you so much Michapelt! Money cannot express how happy this makes me, but still a tip is in order :) Have a great day!
   1yr ago
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@Clemens thank you for letting me know. I am happy you are happy. :) And that the tune find you after all.
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