Here we have re-created, based on the original logo files (by under-laying the originals), full resolution PSD & SVG format logos for and - so that anyone creating projects or posts for or may utilize these logos if they wish (including or may wish to use and distribute these files as a resource to users). Download the .ZIP file of the .PSD and .SVG for use in your projects below the following preview image:


Disclaimer: We are not trying to profit from the logo(s), we could not find any .PSD and are using these .SVG's in our next free, open-source Bitcoin Cash tool to create social share buttons, so why not share them for anyone else to use? Any votes and tips received for these, we assume are appreciation for time spent to re-create (and share) these at high resolutions, which we will probably donate to fundraisers on Now if someone searches they should find it.