Hello dear yours.org community I have returned to this community or not because of good news since my mother died on October 24 from a respiratory arrest I must confess that it is something very painful that even today still keeps me in shock and an infinite sadness, I lived with my mother every day was always very close to her and we loved each other too much. Yesterday culminated his 9 nights of prayers and today I feel the need and the pain of writing to them, the funeral expenses in a country like mine Venezuela are supremely expensive since everything is calculated to the dollar something totally unfair since we live in a country where you earn 5 dollars a month, my mother's funeral exceeded the cost of 750 dollars I feel this an unpayable money for anyone, but for love of a mother and her last farewell I decided to borrow with the funeral home all for giving her a cozy Last farewell, Today the prayers have ended and the funeral home that needs the money has already been communicated because everything has already ended and today I go before you please ask for your help with any collaboration to pay for the funeral expenses of my beloved mom. I hope you can understand that I will not be so expressive but I feel a terrible sadness and a great pain in my heart for the departure of my mother an irreplaceable love in this world, help me to pay my mother's expenses please.
Sailing payments, Documents, legal procedures, days of sailing, church and body preparation: $ 300
Urn, funeral, Cemetery plot, opening of the hole and transfer: 450 dollars
I enclose the tear or information sheet of my mother, my mother and my identity card as well as my mother's death certificate certified and endorsed by the competent entity, thanks in advance for the collaboration you can provide for me it is impossible to pay that amount and The funeral home has begun to press me for payment, thank you very much.