Ever wanted to use Yours.org at night? Now you can with Yours.org Dark Theme for Stylus on Firefox!

How to install in a few easy steps?

Installed? There should be an icon with an S at the top of your browser bar if it installed correctly.
Now go to the Stylish website and find the Yours Dark theme, then hit install:
Now reload http://yours.org and enjoy!
Edit, a note from Yours.org: "Please note this theme is not created by Yours Inc.. Any time you install plugins for Yours you need to trust the creators or you risk having your funds stolen." Before installing the extension and theme, please make sure you understand the browser extension permissions. Stylus is a frequently used extension to switch out the cascading style sheets (theme) of a website however (as stated) there is an element of trust involved when installing any new browser extensions.
If you really love using the theme and want to show some appreciation for me going in to code the custom-CSS (and try to keep it updated), let me know by buying me a coffee using the buy button below:



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Please note this theme is not created by Yours Inc.. Any time you install plugins for Yours you need to trust the creators or you risk having your funds stolen.
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@RyanXCharles This is great advice. However, in this case this is not a custom add-on created by @AKARI but rather an add-on specifically for the purpose of theming websites; @AKARI just created a theme for Yours. I've been trying the theme out and it looks pretty cool. @AKARI we're currently looking for front-end developers. If you are interested in having a chat with us, go ahead and drop us a line at jobs@yours.org !
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Thank you! The only thing I couldn't get right were the two little icons on the left that help embed something or change the H2/H3/quote. Any ideas?
I appreciate the offer, but for now I am fully involved with the foundation, AKARI. I would love to be involved with http://yours.org though as an advisor, supporter/partner, or consultant however, if you guys ever get stuck or need help solving difficult problems (akari.global@protonmail.com) but it is clear you are doing phenomenal.
Our main goal at AKARI is to increase individual's economic freedom in the world (and through that reduce corruption/oppression/crime and increase education). So we're also thinking of leveraging yours.org post functionality to help with the foundation - one of the things we are thinking of doing is help onramp Bitcoin Cash users by sending them to one of our yours.org posts - and then tipping those that reply (depending on a couple of things) - because tipping can be $2.50, etc... which is really great, direct cash! Maybe if we need some help with that we could give you a message or two?
One thing I really love about yours.org right now is the front-end simplicity. Too much front-end development on something that is already elegant and simple can ruin that, IMO. If you look at yours alternatives they are already slow, bloated, over-complicated and overdone. Anyway, keep on rocking! -AKARI

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